Why networking is important?

Why networking is important?

Networking is a way to weave connections with the people, as it creates a mutual bond between people. Networking is a simple concept, yet a useful one. The ever-growing population of the earth somehow outlines the importance of networking. It helps you to sweep through the competitions and hustle to get your dream job, or whatsoever, and that’s why networking is important, but its existence doesn’t revolve around a single factor; there are a lot of factors that construct its relevance to our life.
In the blog, we will discuss the benefits of networking, i.e., why networking is important, and further, we will discuss how to network.

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Networking helps us in many ways. It is a two-way connection as it helps both the ends of the network. Here are a few to list:-

Why networking is important?
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1. Trading knowledge and support: Why networking is important?

Networking is more beneficial if you network with people who are knowledgeable and collaborative. The people with whom you network must support you, and you must return the same as well. The whole concept of networking relies upon the mutual bond we share, the bond that supports and uplifts everyone.

Network helps to trade knowledge of the fields that its components belong. Whether it be your workplace, friend-circle, or whatever it is, talking over different topics helps to commerce different opinions and perspectives, it widens our vision, and we learn new things in no time, without any effort.

2. Exposure: Why networking is important?

Now that you belong to a network, you need not promote yourself. For example, Joe and Jack are good friends; Jack knows Harry well, and he brings Harry and Joe together. Now Harry and Joe are also good friends. Networking works this way. Now Joe will get more exposure, and he might get recommended for a job, as well. Networking creates more such connections.

A simple real-life instance is when you ask about a technician to mend your Laptop, and you always get recommendations from friends and relatives. Networking automatically opens up your portfolio to a lot of people. It will not happen that you will not get any job without a network, but a network advances the probability of the same in this competitive world.
Even the best it does to us is that it gives us that spotlight to get spotted. It is the prime reason that even being shy you must network.

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3. Create opportunities: Why networking is important?

Networking does not only build up connections for help, but it also opens up the doors of opportunities. The exposure that you get, the knowledge you acquire, everything takes you up and onwards. When you network with different people, they come to you as various resources. At times when you think nothing will go well, good friends come up with a new idea to ease your way. More brains on a table is always appreciable until and unless it messes up. So, network with the people who you think can empower you with a different perspective, more opportunities, and knowledge.
The business cards, the networking events, and every bit that you tried will help you, if not today but someday for sure.

4. Communication Skills: Why networking is important?

Networking builds up good connections and frequent meetings. You talk about different stuffs, meet new people, and trade different perspectives, ideas, and whatnot. But something is running in parallel as well; there is something in you that has improved suddenly. Guess what? Yes, it’s your conversation skills. A good network always builds someone up and above. It hones your skills.

You can’t practice conversation skills alone, right? Networking helps you do that without even trying much. Just go out and talk to the people you know, and secondly, when you talk meaningful, you stay more confident. And this is why we must network.

I will not say you will become a pro orator, but you will surely have a better chat at tea. When you meet so many new people and converse with them, your brain wires you in a way that you become good at it. Being a good orator helps you in a lot of ways, you can present your business plans confidently, you can go out and have a great interview, everything tunes well when you are a good orator.
Tuning your communication skills is not the prime purpose of a network but a bi-product of the process that you follow in a network. It is a welcome addition!

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Why networking is important?
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Now that you know so much about networking, it seems easy, right? But that is not a bagatelle. You can not go and wave your hand and say, “Hey, I wanna network”. Certain basics will help you figure out on your own. Here is a list of things that will surely help you:


Networking can be different for everyone, the process that suits can do something adverse to another person. The process is flexible, and you can figure it out on your own.
• If your shy, start talking with a long-lost friend or connect with the people you do not know much but have met earlier. It will help you to open up.
• If you are an extrovert, try to be a bit professional at first and then go frankly with them.
• Experiment. If you do not think any of the ways is helping you, then experiment with new dimensions and then filter what suits you best.
• Feel for everyone. When you start networking, don’t go one way, keep in mind that others also need you and help them out, be open.


You do not network to expand connections or to increase your mail subscribers; you come with a goal. Networking helps the most when you have a goal, instead of wandering around aimlessly. You ask questions about that goal you set, and everything else in the process revolves around the goal.
• Chunk down the list of people you know can help you the most, then reach out to them.
• Secondly, reach out to the people of your genre, this list may or may not have the people you already know. You can reach out to people in your workspace, or people your friends know.
• Lastly, build a connection with the people who are out of your genre. This time you need not meet people exclusively to network.

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The third point sometimes contradicts the point of being purposeful in a network. In a network, you must be generous. You should realize that a network only runs if all the dots are connected well. Reach out to them, ask what they do, what they want to do ahead, and build a relation. In this way, you not only claim a good relation, but reputation for thyself in their eyes as well.
Ask people if they need you, do it at the end of the meeting or at any time you like. Helping people before they ask will let you get into their hearts and mind forever, they will always keep you in mind whenever they recommend for a job or anything else.


In the current generation, where there is a huge competition, networking becomes more valuable and crucial. Networking is a useful asset if you do it right away. Now that you know why networking is important and what must be the approach, apply it when you network. Networking doesn’t make you dependent it makes you collaborative and takes you further.
Be patient, help everyone and build strong connections to feel the supreme power of networking. Happy NETWORKING!

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