The Content Creation Purpose & The Marketing Machine


Content builds the pitch for your Business Prospect. Given, the goals of your Business Requirement, Content develops your strategy for effective communication for the internal prospects within the workflow process & builds trust with the external prospect of the targeted audience. Content is mostly developed with the alignment of the business requirement but the structured approach of content development with the alignment of Engagement & retention brings Business Agility to the Organisation. 

People seek content for different purposes & identifying those purposes helps you channel the information that resonates with your audience & serves the purpose that they truly seek. Here are the few purposes that your targeted audience might seek from your content & how having an approach with different platforms will help you reach & meet them! 


Information your content channels gives a cutting edge over others especially when you’re publishing it in the form of Website Landing Page, Blogs, Articles, Press Release, Social Media Content etc. The depth of information your content gives to your targeted audience builds your niche but when the information is well researched & organised creatively, it quenches the thirst of audience curiosity.


Research is the master key to make a competitive edge in your domain. Research gives you tonnes of information that helps you determine what suits best for your audience engagement making them spend most of their time with your Product & eventually building Trust & Loyalty for your Business! The best Research is served in the form of information with data, creating a sense of belonging for everyone in the market.

Structured Approach:

Your structured approach with the content to your targeted audience defines how well you communicate with your possible prospects. The structured approach at every stage is mandatory as it always determines what image you hold in the beholder’s eye, be it your organisational approach, creation of leads, understanding of buyer’s persona & filling of demand-supply gap.

Content Creation:

Creating not just any content but also one that connects & converts needs a mannered understanding of content concepts. The content concept largely depends on how you manage your content strategy, including a planned timeline, creation of workflow, Review & Edit of content with an organised & structured approach.

Further, when your content is created with a captivating design while attracting possible prospects, the way your monetised content is distributed turns the turn of the tide in favour of your business with a lot of conversions in the form of CTR & ROI.

These are the basic purpose that most of the content serves to its targeted audience. But the market is full of competition & those who stop either get out of the race or become a part of the common rush. To make yourself stand apart from the crowd & to have an impact on your business with the title of Brand, marketing matching is the technique to work at. 

The Marketing Machine:

Marketing Machine helps you connect Buyer’s Journey with the Marketing Funnel. The components of Buyer’s Journey are the awareness stage where you introduce your product to your potential prospects by promotion, email, social media post, blogs, articles, mailers, newsletters, advertisements etc. The consideration stage is the stage where your targeted audience or prospects evaluate what value you bring to them with your product & why they should put trust & priority for your product in this ever-changing marketing landscape. The Decision stage is the final stage of the buyer’s journey where your generated leads after concluding a decision, turn into fruitful prospects bringing sales & ROI for your business.

The Marketing Funnel Comprises six-stage where every stage plays a crucial in building your foundation of trust & loyalty with your targeted audience. Conceptualising, building & implementing every stage of the funnel concerning the buyer’s journey helps you better set your marketing goals along with audit & assessment of your Business initiatives & assets.

1) Prospect: Prospects are your ideal customers whom you must qualify based on demography, behaviour, interest, geography, technology etc. The qualification of prospect helps you determine your targeted audience that further helps in running a user-centric campaign with content creation process making the potential prospect believe & relate with your product.

2) Lead: Your leads are the potential prospect that may turn into potential customers with your product bringing retention & loyalty along. Leads generally show interest in your product by sharing the contact number, email address, social media handle etc.

3) MQL: MQL or Marketing Qualified Leads are the qualified leads that are more likely to turn into potential customer compared to other leads. MQL are generally calculated by the from specific behaviours of customer based on the specific behaviour such as website visit, free subscription & content offer downloads etc.

4) SQL: SQL or Sales qualified leads refers to the qualification of certain leads in the form of potential customer. SQL generally comes in buying cycle.

5) Opportunity: Opportunity in Marketing Machine refers to the stage where you have the chance to generate ROI for the business from the respective qualified potential customer by selling your product.

6) Customer: Upon processing of all the above mentioned stages & getting the desires results out of the opportunity, your leads turn into  potential customer that keep coming back based on the service you offer with your product.


Your Content is the face of your product & the service that you offer. Some content may resonate with one but may not with other but when it comes to strategised content, it resonates with most of your leads! However, quality content makes it easier for the potential leads to have a trust & understanding of your product & service. 

Aligining the content creation process with the marketing machine, enables the content creators to generate user specific content according to the demand & supply at different level of buyer’s journey.   



Pranav Kumar
A computer engineering enthusiast, who is interested in driving technology and marketing hand on hand. Through his work, which includes delivering the idea of technology and market through blogs and contents, he's much focused on creating effective content which drives the sale and makes the lead. Though the content marketing is going to be the most valuable asset for the upcoming century as Content alone is the King, he's forging the path to generate good B2B and B2C marketing ideas.