Internet of Things: The Technology of Swift Modernisation

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Internet is said to be the best, advanced, easy & lightning speed technology which offers the platform for collection & sharing of every form of data between the sender & the receiver. The Internet was invented in 1983 and with the early 2000s, its purpose started redefining with a swift increase in almost every industrial sectors leading to more subtle evolution of the Internet of Things. Now, as the Internet of Things has become the Technology of Swift modernisation in the form of Physical Device that drives huge comfort with only ease of hand, the whole of the world has become centralised to the Internet of Things as it is transforming the Digital Intelligence future at a very swift speed.

In this section of our Blog, we’ll tell you a story upon the Internet of Things which will cover How it evolved & modernised with time, become the most essential commodity of our Community & will contribute further in the rapid transformation in the era of Digital Intelligence!

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What is the Internet of Things?

Kevin Ashton Coined the term The Internet of Things(IoT) in”1999″ as it is a collection of billions of physical devices all across the globe, that are connected with the Internet and offers various services based on the user requirement in all form of collection & sharing of data. The world is surrounded by the Internet of Things that ranges from small electronic chips to huge aeroplanes & rockets that purpose the human needs. Internet of Things works on the fundamental of Digital Intelligence that connects all different objects by connecting them with sensors that enables the device to communicate using real-time data while excluding the involvement of human being.

IOT being the Technology of Swift Modernisation consists of Digital Devices that are embedded with Microprocessor & Microcontroller Chips, Sensors & the communication hardware that connects, sends & receives data from the IoT devices. IoT device uses an IoT gateway to share the sensor data where either data is sent to the cloud database or is analysed locally. The Devices are well enabled with the Network, Communication & Connectivity protocol that largely depends on the application those are specifically established for better User Experience. These Devices are also processed in such a way that they work without the involvement of humans, although People interact with the device for the basic setup or accessing of data followed by giving specific instructions. With the use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning the data collection process for IoT devices has become much easier & dynamic.

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Why the Internet of Things is Important?

Human Dependence has been decreasing while Dependency on Technology has been increasing. The modern era is powered by the Internet and up to a maximum possible extent, the Internet of Things has played a decisive role. Internet of Things has made a significant contribution in making the human life not only easy but smart as well by allowing them to gain total control of their life by automating the smart devices for their different purpose. Internet of Things is considered to be the best suited for monitoring overall business purpose as it not only improves the customer experience but also saves time & money. Internet of Things helps to make better business decisions which eventually generates more revenue by integrating & adapting business models that enhance employee productivity.

The Purpose of Internet of Things ranges for different sectors & industries such as Infrastructure, Automation, Agriculture, Transportation, Defense, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing and many others who need to cater their need of digital transformation. IoT can sensor data that’ll eventually help Farmers to have data & pre-information of rainfall, temperature, quality of soil, humidity etc which further helps the farmer in formulating the techniques of farming accordingly.  It helps the Defense Sector in quickly identifying the suspicious threats and countering them as well with lightning speed. It helps in automating the home with electrical appliances and design of Infrastructure as well. Taking consideration of all the accounts, the Internet of Things helps people become smarter to reduce waste & energy consumption while becoming more Agile, efficient & effective with the workflow process.

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Defining the approach of the Internet of Things:

Internet of Things is expanding at an exponential rate getting much big & bigger with time. Tech analyst company have made their predictions that there will be more than 40 billion connected IoT devices by 2025. These companies have also been suggesting automotive & industrial equipment that withholds the largest segmentation of connected “things,”, which also includes the strong adoption of smart home and wearable devices in the near term. Security devices having intruder detection and web cameras, will be significantly contributing to become the second biggest use of IoT devices. Building automation like automated cars, smart TV & Watches, Smart Healthcare facilities will be the fastest-growing sector, contributing to the deployment of IoT in every possible sector.

As Consumption of Internet is growing at a rapid rate and a very cheap price, the future of IoT is gaining subtle momentum with the potential to be limitless. IoT is getting powered by integration of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Network Agility etc. to accelerate the Business Requirements with the capability to automate, formulate, orchestrate & deployment for secure & sustainable approach at high scale.

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Integration of Internet of Things with Various Computing Applications:

IoT & Artificial Intelligence:

Internet of Things has this capability of capturing an enormous amount of data coming from different sources. However, it becomes a lot tedious task to collect, process & analyse the data continuously coming from different IoT devices. This requires an integration of IoT with a technology that makes the processing more Agile, Power Driven & Precise. The Solution of Technology in Artificial Intelligence allows professionals to converge, redefine & Implement a system that processes business, economy & Industry in an Agile Manner. The Blended Integration of IoT & Artificial Intelligence opens the following gateway for the attainment of Business Agility & Agile Solutions.

  • Ensure Analysis that is powered, precise & Accurate
  • Formulate, Integrate, analyse significant Insights from Collected & Processed Data
  • Balance the requirements for centralised & Digital Intelligence
  • Personalise the date for security & Confidentiality purpose
  • Boost Operational Efficiency with better Risk Management for enhancement of Product & Services


 IoT & Machine Learning:

Internet of Things is best known for its resourceful collection of volumes of data while Machine Learning is influencing for its data generated insights. Machine Learning gathers the information that is processed through the IoT devices and identifies its pattern for better-automated results based on build models & future predictability building the process of decision-making more precise & accurate. Machine Learning uses fostered algorithms for interpretation of the hidden pattern collected from analysation of the bulk of data. With the use of statistics and simplified algorithms, Machine Learning enables the replacement of manual process with automated techniques. The Blended Integration of IoT & Machine Learning opens the following gateway for the attainment of Business Agility & Agile Solutions.

  • Build Consistent formulation of data using ingesting & transformation of data
  • Configure Machine Learning model for anomalies detection, prediction of future trends, & enable augmented intelligence
  • Integrate the Machine Learning model for better functionality on cloud, edge & device
  • Become Flexible to use your library of data science with a simplified approach
  • Retrieve data with Prebuilt Connectors for historical & operations data storage

IoT & Cloud Computing:

Internet of Things is the resource of Volume of Data while Cloud Computing facilitates the path for navigation of these data by many clouds providers. Cloud Computing offers various services to the user in the form of IAAS( Infrastructure as a Service), PAAS( Platform as a Service, SAAS( Software as a Service) which when integrated with IoT enables better communication between Smart Devices, Sensors, Mobile Devices etc. This facilitation of communication by IoT is governed by the elements of architecture which are Network Infrastructure, Cloud Infrastructure, Gates etc. The Blended Integration of IoT & Cloud Computing opens the following gateway for the attainment of Business Agility & Agile Solutions.

  • Deployment of processing of data for quick analysation and precise decision-making capability
  • Configure the performance for scalability & operational management of the huge volume of data
  • Facilitate a better approach for the navigation of data
  • Determine advance analysing techniques and monitoring of IoT devices
  • Enable & Empower capabilities for advanced processing of data in an efficient, effective, scalable, reliable & an agile manner


IoT & Big Data:

Internet of Things is a system connected devices, powered by sensors & Internet while Big Data is the collection of Structured data which are analysed with information of business trends by the achievement of unprecedented results for creation of new business & growth of existing ones. Internet of Things creates an opportunity for streamlined operations that enables interaction between Machine & Humans using the generation of sensor data which are further facilitated to Big Data system for appropriate analysis & Insightful reports. The Integration of Big Data & IoT enables data storage with analytics which further opens the following gateway for the attainment of Business Agility & Agile Solutions.

  • Collect a large amount of unstructured data & facilitate it to Big Data systems for appropriate analysis & Insightful reports
  • Use tools such as Hadoop, Spark  for analysation of IoT stored data to raise self-service analytics
  • Increase the ROI of business by examining, revealing trends & solving complex patterns
  •  Have an in-depth approach for your business solutions by equipment which increase performance in an Agile way
  • Analyse & Control different levels of connections between sensor signals and big data with efficient & result-driven techniques


IoT & BlockChain:

Internet of Things is powered by an enormous collection of data but concern goes upon the data security which integrates the financial flow while covering every aspect of  Digital Business. Blockchain is the solution for the concern with the financial solution for the future with the security feature that is inevitable and secures data transfer for IoT devices Cryptographically. BlockChain network helps IoT devices function autonomously & securely by the creation of agreements that gets executed upon completion of specific requirements. The Integration of BlockChain & IoT enables data security with the centralised network which further opens the following gateway for the attainment of Business Agility & Agile Solutions.

  • Build a relationship of Trust between IoT devices & parties that reduces the risk of collision & tampering
  • Accelerate your transactions with reduce settlement time & cryptographic features
  • Get solutions for the challenges of data scalability, time stamping, data failure, record, data privacy, reliability & trust
  • Prevent overriding of data from individuals who use data for their own benefit
  • Power your data with Economic strength which are facilitated with the best security features

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The World is Powered by Internet & the Internet of Things are the source for appropriate facilitation of Internet between different devices. The world is witnessing the winds of modernisation governed by the foothold of technologies, and the Internet of Things is one such technology that has empowered present with better analysis & data management which leads to the configuration that defines how the coming future will evolve. As technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data etc. are shaping the governance of the world, the integration of all with the Internet of Things will open a broader gateway for an enhanced user experience that is not only secured but also comfortable, trustworthy & reliable.













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