Do you face difficulties to get perfect structures? Has it been frustrating for you to improve your basic shapes? This blog will help you to master your drawing skills.
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Drawing is the most basic form to initiate any visual artwork, whether it be a portrait, sculpture, mural, or painting; everyone needs to put basic shapes and structures to get an artwork started. Perfection in drawing will add stars to your artwork. And that’s why you must focus on how to master your drawing skills. If you ask me, I have been more intended towards my drawing skills than coloring or shading, and that has smoothed my pencil strokes and loaded me with confidence to keep going.

So do you face difficulties to get perfect structures? Has it been frustrating for you to improve your basic shapes? Personally, I’ve been studying ‘portrait art’ for one year, so here I will answer such questions for you and attribute the ways to master your drawing skills. Further, in each segment, there are some interesting drills and tricks related to the tip, for you.

How to master your drawing skills –


References are the inspiration that you want to have in your art portfolio. Live references, photos, or some other artworks which pushes you to roll on your sleeves and start drawing, are called art references. Though, to master your drawing skills you need to be cautious to choose them.
Don’t rush over, take some time while choosing any reference. Two things that you must keep in mind while choosing a reference – a) see if it is related to your current plans, b) figure out the ways it can help you improve.
Both of these points will be cleared in the next tip.


Drawing real-life objects and figures enhances the accuracy. It grinds you and aces you to perfection as it is tough to clone the real-life references. Drawing from a real-life reference is the best way to learn how to get light and shadows. So hold on and keep drawing till you master these skills.

How to master your drawing skills?

Many websites render you free HD photos. You can also take out photos from Instagram or click your own references. It is all up to you. But as a beginner, don’t go for too much detail, let the simplicity of the drawing pop out as well as you must take references of different angles which seem challenging to you and push your limits. This brings you out of your comfort zone, eventually helping you to master your drawing skills.

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Basically, if you will not plan how to go on with your art you will loop around and won’t get a direction to head. Planning doesn’t refer to limiting yourself to only one art form, it is the pivotal aspect to learn different art forms and master your drawing skills in the minimum possible time.


While planning, your initial focus should be on greasing your shapes and classifying the reference into basic shapes. The second point is to know your favorite art form and focus on it and then jump to the next one. The third aspect is about loosening; meaning, to chill with some other refreshing art forms, that too with focus. The last one is to be creative to add your own supplements to an artwork, it will get you your own art style.


For the first phase (shapes), you should take out 10 minutes to focus on shapes, daily. In these ten minutes, take a rough sheet and start drawing circles, lines, squares without tools. After these 10 minutes, you should come to a reference and then figure out the basic shapes that assemble the reference. Only draw the shapes, barring the detailed structure. This improves the shape formation and grants you accuracy.

Secondly, to know your favorite art form, you need not follow any tip, it relies on you which art form you prefer. Once you will get it, then try to hold on and keep practicing till you get to the apex.
Meanwhile, you can take short breaks for a few weeks or a month to try some other art form and feed yourself with a bit of knowledge about them.

Lastly, draw something without any reference, it can be a doodle or portrait or anything that hits your head.

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Reviewing an artwork is as important as making one. If you do not have eyes that are critical to yourself, you won’t grow. After completing an artwork, observe it and match it with the reference and then analyze your mistakes. Critical analysis will help you master your drawing skills with a double boost. This has helped me to learn much faster than expected. I use to match my artwork with the reference twice and once I find a mistake, I make a counter plan for upcoming artworks.
Suppose you drew a pencil box and on the first glance it looked nice to your eyes and you shut the copy in amusement. Take a second case, where you just took a step forward and matched the drawing with the reference, you’d easily find flaws which you can correct next time. This is the real process to master your drawing skills in the minimum possible time.
However, you can also take help from genuine people around you who know art, but don’t get discouraged by their reviews rather take them as suggestions and apply them.

How to master your drawing skills?
Sketch by SAMEEP


Learning art means learning from everywhere, you shouldn’t skip any chance to learn. Feel free to see others what they are doing, most importantly how they’re doing. As soon as you ascertain artists around you, you will be inspired and motivated to draw. See how a child scribbles some unusual lines on paper, see how people try to draw from a reference, this helps you to experiment with your artworks. If you will blindly head towards the learning process, without knowing how people around you are doing, you won’t reach the mark. Learn but don’t compare. If you will compare you will lose the most important dimension, i.e. experimentation. While comparing, our brain is limited to the things our contemporary does, but while learning we are open to do anything. It lightens us and helps us to master the drawing skills.

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The last point I want to add is enjoying your process. At times it may look silly to include this in the context of improvement, but it is one of the most important ones indeed. Drawing is a great release, it gives pleasure and is a fun process. But all these aspects are only applicable if we relax ourselves through drawing. The method is simple, take a page, grab a brush and bring your musings to life.
Once you start enjoying your art you will be more frequent to it and by that time you will also develop the sense to find mistakes and correct them. In clear words enjoying your art helps you to master your drawing skills quickly and adapt to a multitude of art forms. Moreover, as soon as you realize art is more than just a sketch on paper, you will find yourself light-headed and patient while drawing.


There is a lot in you to discover. Plan your ways, draw daily and analyze your mistakes and you will see phenomenal improvement in yourself. Follow these five tips to master your drawing skills.

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