Content Marketing Evolution: The Subtle Approach in Business Development


The market is continuously changing with the shift of time, and as the world is being Driven & Powered by the Internet, it has become a necessity for every person out in the middle to must have an online presence for their Business. The data of Internet users are on significant rise & marketers all across the globe sought it as an opportunity to expand their Product with an online presence that makes the outreach more effective, efficient & less costly. Content Marketing Evolution has continuously changed the way we have consumed Content from different mediums that puts a shred of strong evidence on the fact that Why marketers need to become Agile, Precise & tangible with their “Content Marketing Strategy”

In 1996 Bill Gates Published an essay on the Microsoft Website titled ” Content is King”. He went on to add further  “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting”. The prediction of Bill Gates was so very apt & accurate that when the Internet started to take over the world by storm, Content no longer remained the King but a became a Kingdom in itself. Now as the Internet is stormed by users from all across the world in billions, content being produced in millions every minute, the Concern is not on Content but on the quality of content that Engages, Delights & Promotes and eventually turns Strangers into Potential Customers for the Marketers.

Content Marketing Evolution: The Start of Content Consumption 

Content Marketing Evolution started in the 1800s when print media came in the World for the first time, making the marketing, advertising and campaigning simpler for big Business Brands. But the reach was quite limited, and with time Broadcasting media took control of the flow of Content Wing in the 1900s when the world witnessed the shift from the print media to the video media. Big companies & brands invested in millions for the marketing &  advertising campaign through the same as they had quite an effective outreach to millions of people sitting in front of Television. But broadcasting media proved costly for frequent outreach and print media was not that profitable for wide outreach. The era of the Internet awaited the all where contents could be easily & effectively delivered to the potential audience within a very short time!

Content Marketing Evolution: Rise of Content Strategy & Marketing

When Google was founded on the 4th of September 1998 & Facebook on 4th of February 2004, the whole of the world was unaware that they going to change the perception of life with their Content Marketing Evolution for rapid modernisation. As time passed, technology & innovations easily swept the old traditions with the Internet taking almost all the grounds for the processing of modern workflow process.

Google went on to become the best search engine tool ranging its medium of Content Marketing Evolution & strategy for public interaction and usage on different platforms such as YouTube, Gmail, Photos, Blogger, news, podcasts and many more. You take the name and Google stands on first of the list for optimised & Configured service, ranging on every domain of your necessity. Same took the turn for Facebook as well, which started expanding and revising the meaning of Social Interaction with its Social Media Platforms. While Users on Facebook interacted to have a time pass or refreshment in the start, Marketers again sought it as the best opportunity to outsource their product & connectivity to millions of people by the virtue of Social Engagement that too at a very affordable price for business ranging from small, medium to big.

These proved to be game-changer platforms for the Marketers where maximum organic reach to the targeted Customers was possible at a very small expense. This not only attracted Big Business to flow in with their content campaign but paved a path for the Small & Medium size Business as well. As the Internet started becoming more cheaper & popular all across the globe, the consumption of content shifted from its old tradition & people of all age group started to Consume content via Online Platforms and Social Media Mediums.

Content Marketing Evolution: The Ongoing Time of Cut-Through Content Competition

When Content Marketing Evolution witnessed a vast & whole of the people’s transition towards the online platform, various platform and big Multi-National Companies started offering different platforms for the consumption of content through a different medium. The competition remained no more for the Content Outreach but shifted how Content is Curated for different platforms according to the product need & targeted consumers by analysing & implementing segments of demographics, acquisition, Behaviour, Content Creation Framework & Conversion.

Google launched the Chrome search engine for all the answers of search queries, Gmail for email Content Consumption, Youtube for Video-Content Consumption, News for Information media Content Consumption, photos for Image Consumption. Microsoft being a key competitor for Google was there as well in the market with Internet Explorer, Bing & Microsoft Edge as the search engine for all the answers of search queries, Microsoft Office for different forms of Document Content Consumption & outlook for email Content Consumption. Facebook too not lagged far behind but rather gave a stiff competition to these two as well. Facebook too offered various platforms for Consumption of Content through a different medium. Facebook initially came with Facebook for Social Engagement in the form of News, Photo, Event, Video Sharing etc, then acquired Instagram in 2012 as well for much better engagement through Content in the form Photos & Videos, then Launched Facebook Messenger for Messaging through the medium of online chatting and finally bought Whatsapp in 2014 as well making it the biggest platform for sharing different messages & information for individuals and groups.

Content Marketing Evolution: How Marketers should Strategise their Content Campaign

With Continuous Changes being governed by the Content Marketing Evolution, Marketers now need to be very precise, tangible, accurate & Agile with their Content Campaign for better Marketing purpose. As the market has grown more into online visibility, the question in the form of competition seeks answers in the form of Content which are curated, developed & nurtured in a way which is not only precise but also suits the Product Awareness and catches the eyes of Consumers in a very short time.  With every platform stuffed with so much of Contents, the Content creators main focus no longer remains on producing just any content, but one that is Creative, Effective & Engaging.

Content Marketers when going out in the middle with their Content Campaign, need to focus on different aspects & prospects. Aspect being Conceptualising their Content Creation Framework, Managing Primary Responsibility in Content Creation, Monetising the Marketing Techniques, performing the Content Audit & Understanding the Buyer’s Journey for a better perspective. And prospect being targeting the potential Consumers, Generating Maximum Lead & Engagement through Marketing Campaign and building the sales funnel in an Agile Manner. Content has a strong power of Convincing & Converting that depends mostly on how as Marketer you take the account of every deciding factor to turn the game in your favour that too with a strong margin.


Analysis of the Conversion has always been a game-changer for the Content Marketing Evolution. The better the Marketers analyse their Consumers behaviour, their acquisition, their traffic channels, their conversion source, their Sale’s Metrics & ROI the better they get along with effective Conversions. While Content no longer remains the King but has become Kingdom in itself the best Win as a King is only for those Marketers who distribute there Content precisely taking the account of Platform & Engagement while keeping a close eye watch on Competitor’s Content as well. Winners not only outsource their Content Organically but they also take better care of what their potential consumers might be interested in that’ll turn the Marketing tide to their Side!























Pranav Kumar
A computer engineering enthusiast, who is interested in driving technology and marketing hand on hand. Through his work, which includes delivering the idea of technology and market through blogs and contents, he's much focused on creating effective content which drives the sale and makes the lead. Though the content marketing is going to be the most valuable asset for the upcoming century as Content alone is the King, he's forging the path to generate good B2B and B2C marketing ideas.